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to the mother fuckers who [fill in the blank]

I love minnie's, but sometimes I REALLY hate my job.

I hate the cranky, self-important narrow-minded jerk-offs who insisted on screaming at me and "shoo-ing" me away at the same time to "rush and put the order in" when it took me almost five minutes (NOT twenty, stupid fucker) to take their order because of the other belligerant drunkards who stumbled in before them when if they were in such a goddamn hurry they should've just gone to mcdonands; and after screaming at all the customers and employees defending me walking out on their ticket and trying to pull the race card ("do you only serve whites here?" do you not seeing all the fucking people of color around you happily enjoying their meal you blind mother fuckers?!).

I hate the eight fucking bastards who clambered out of the police van, one in uniform, the rest blazingly drunk macho male military self-righteous fuck-heads who knew I was the only wait staff on the clock and had too many tables to talk to, but still got pissy asked my dishwasher if I was somewhere in the back giving some guy a blow job when I didn't get their food out of the window the first second it appeared.

I hate the womanizing egomaniacal PIGS who thought it was completely appropriate to ask why I had a shirt on underneath my slip-top (with see-through fucking lace across the front) and offer me $500 to take it off, and further discuss that I needed to be offered a larger sum when I said that I was more modest than that and was a woman of principles. FUCK YOU.

I hate drunks. I hate drunks when they think they're more important than anyone else in the restaurant, when they think they have the right treat humans as sub-humans, and when they have no fucking inhibitions left to act like respectable and courteous human beings. I hate drunks PERIOD. I also hate people who think harassing someone (sexually, verbally, mentally, or otherwise), whether because they think they're in a higher position or because they're threatened by another group and need to transfer it onto another or what fucking have you, is okay. It's NEVER okay.

Most of all, I hate capitalism for forcing people to allow themselves to put up with shit their gut tells them not to.

I want to say that you couldn't pay me to deal with fuck-wads like that... but I do get paid to. And I've known that since I started working there and got asked for three lap dances from three different tables in my first weekend like they were on the goddamn menu. I deal with it every night without fail. And people yell and scream and throw tantrums that "I don't know them" when I stand up for myself... well, they don't fucking know me. The assumptions people make about me as a female server at minnie's make me more offended than I thought ever possible... my gut has never felt more like ROT.
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