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I need to rant a little, and it just seemed appropriate here... because I would like to announce my hatred for the fucking capitalist BASTARDS that now run minnie's. They are the epitomy of evil, money-grubbing, opposite of people-focused pigs. They have no concern for their employees or the atmosphere or community that keep our clientel coming back again and again. They don't understand that every fucking employee has more vested in this restaurant than they EVER will because our hearts are in the concept of minnie's... we wouldn't be there getting bad pay and bad tips, and on top of that taking their shit if we didn't give a fuck about the place and the PEOPLE that work or frequent there. I've never worked for anyone that made me feel shittier or more worthless in my entire life, and I'm only putting up with it because minnie's is important to me and a vital part of my life. We're not going to steal from him because we CARE if the restaurant stays around. We're not going to take their stupid-ass ideas sitting down because we understand how minnie's is supposed to function and we care enough to keep it that way. This is getting longer than I wanted it to... but basically, I hate the owners because they make me feel like shit and they care more about pennies than people. They don't understand that employees keep a restaurant going and if we're not satisfied or appreciated (or TRUSTED for pete's sake) the customers sure as FUCK won't be satisfied. They can tell if there's a fracture in the system and everything isn't working together... we're not dumbfucks and we can't be treated that way.
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