::mae:: (xmaehemx) wrote in caffeminnies,


I don't usually work mondays... but this week was interesting. Dead as all else (my dishwasher slept for at least two hours, and my cook took two decent naps). I did, however, receive two gifts. Some guy gave me a brand new cd of a tech-metal band that he had just bought at their show before coming to minnie's. He gave it to me because I had a himsa sweatshirt on and he said I would like the band... so I got to keep it. On the condition that I played it at minnie's, but he didn't even stick around to check. That was really nice of him, and I did kinda like it. Maybe I'll see him at the himsa/ctl show I told him about. I also recieved a gift that is too obscene to mention. But was also a kind gesture. For the most part, people were real nice.
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